Basketball Specialists School is committed to developing and improving the individual skills and game concepts necessary to become a complete player. We are dedicated to teaching and promoting the ideals of good sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork. B

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BSS Frequently Asked Questions:

When and how do we order uniforms?

BSS players will receive Adidas uniforms.  Uniforms are not ordered by players, they are handed out at a practice before the first tournament or at the first game.  The coach will have various sizes so each player will have a choice.  Uniforms are good for one full year of BSS AAU Basketball (both Fall and Spring seasons).  We upgrade uniforms annually, every Fall.
Is it mandatory to attend all of the tournaments, and what happens if we have a conflict?
It is not mandatory but it is preferred.  The coaches understand that conflicts arise but ask that you please let them know for planning/game strategy purposes.
Is there a separate fee for tournaments, or are those expenses covered in the program fee?
No, there are no additional fees.  The tournament costs are included in the tuition.
Do you offer teams for players of all skill levels?
Yes, we offer developmental teams, regional teams and elite teams.
What if my player cannot commit to the entire AAU season?
We do offer part-time positions for players who cannot make a full-time commitment.  Tuition is pro-rated for those player.
Do the tournaments always run two days or do you only play the second day if you win the first day?  Are there typically multiple games each day of a tournament?
Tournaments are usually two days.  They are typically either 4 set game times or three set game times and then a "playoff" round of games whose times are based on the place in which the team finishes in its pool .  When we send you the schedule we will let you know all possible playoff round game times for your player’s team.  
Periodically there may be a game on a Friday night but games are customarily Saturday and Sunday.  The hosting team sets the format so it may vary from tournament to tournament.
During the season, what weekends will there be tournaments?
The season’s schedule of tournaments is posted on our website HERE.
Where are the tournaments? 
Tournaments are in held in various locations across Massachusetts, typically Danvers, Reading, Boston, Hanover, Northborough, Sturbridge, Foxborough.
When will we have game times and locations for tournament games?
Tournament game times are not usually released until the Thursday BEFORE the weekend of the tournament (Wednesday if we are lucky!)  We receive the schedule from the hosting team and then send it to each player’s contact email address(es).  We do so as early as we possibly can.
Will you hand out the rosters for the teams?
For the privacy of our families we do not distribute rosters however we can email members of your player's team to help arrange carpools, etc.  If you would like help with this, please contact our Program Coordinator, Nancy at  .
What if my player cannot attend both tryouts?
Players can attend one or both tryouts to be considered for a team.  It is recommended to attend both tryouts if possible as it helps our evaluation process.  If a player cannot attend either tryout we will arrange a makeup workout for placement purposes.
How many practices will be held per week?
For the Fall, teams will practice for 90 minutes once a week, for the Spring they will practice for 90 minutes two times per week.
Where are practices held?
Practices will be held at either Fay School in Southborough, St. Marks School in Southborough or Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough.  
What is the refund policy for the program?
BSS/ Mass Select has a NO REFUND POLICY/ does not offer refunds for any of our programs. We do offer Full/Partial Credit ( Which is given out at the disgression of the Directors). Credit is able to be used for any of our year round programs.
What if my player wants additional workouts?
Throughout the season we will offer additional skills clinics.