Basketball Specialists School is committed to developing and improving the individual skills and game concepts necessary to become a complete player. We are dedicated to teaching and promoting the ideals of good sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork. B

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I got involved with Ilya Nicholas while I was President of the Hoopsters Basketball organization in Shrewsbury, Mass back in 2000. I will tell you that there is no one more dedicated to the sport and young, aspiring basketball players than Ilya Nicholas. He is an excellent role model, who took himself from a good player on the High School and College level to a great player by working and perfecting basketball fundamentals that most players are reluctant to work on. Talent alone won’t cut it as there are no short cuts in becoming an all around basketball player and Ilya has a very good way about him of motivating his players to understand the little things that you need to do in order to progress to the next level. His knowledge of the sport and his basketball experience’s in College and on the International level allow him to relate to players at any age or experience level. He has a strong aptitude for determining a player’s strengths and weaknesses and putting a personal plan for that individual to achieve their true, basketball potential. But it’s not all about the athletic side with Ilya either, over the years and with coaching at Shrewsbury and Marlboro I’ve found that he is very committed to the athletes in his charge to develop them as all around people and student athletes. My kids were coached and played for him while they were growing up in Shrewsbury and as a father and parent, I would recommend his program to anyone who wants to learn the right way to play basketball, get the most out of their ability and what it takes to play on an elite level.


                                                            Tony Pawlik

                                                            Shrewsbury Hoopsters President 2001-2007

                                                            Shrewsbury HS Athletic Advisory council 2004-2007

                                                            Former NFL Player- New Orleans Saints


We highly recommend Basketball Specialists Programs.  They provide quality instruction, personalized, individual assessments, and a good work-out through numerous skills and drills.  These camps help your child work on his/her individual strengths/weaknesses as well as emphasizes the importance of playing as a team and not just as an individual.  We have found that by attending these Programs during the Summer and Pre-Season Clinic in the Fall, it has helped our children prepare for basketball team tryouts.  I have seen great growth and improvement in my children's performance. 

Vicki Kneece